Doing strict, traditional pull-ups with extra weight will make you feel as light as a feather come kip week and increase your number dramatically. Just before impact, she first hit some live power lines. So if you find yourself plummeting towards the Earth, be sure and make a mental note to have past you go ahead and practice maneuvering while free falling at some point. Paths to Glory: Medal of Honor Ricipients Smedley Butler and Dan ... 5 interesting facts about the Marine Corps birthday, every clime and place where they could take a rifle, This is how the Sabot round turns enemies into a fine mist, Check out this wild video of a man riding a hoverboard on Bastille Day, France's army appears to troll Trump for rain checking WWI memorial, The 9 most elite special forces in the world | Business Insider. As for vegetation, even thorny blackberry bushes are better than nothing, though any chance of actually aiming and hitting them in reality is probably poor. This seems like a pretty innocuous expression and in the modern era, it really is. The Spartans and Athenians of 2,400 years ago most certainly developed their own coarse insider language. UPDATED: How a Government Shutdown Impacts Pay, Benefits ... Military Pay Not Likely to Be Affected Under Threat of Partial ... 4 outstanding things you didn’t know about Dan Daly, The Boer Rebellion of 1914 | History Today. The full word is dependapotamus, from the word hippopotamus and refers to the physical appearance of the spouse. Browse through the acronym list letter by letter or use the search box to quickly look up an acronym and its meaning. “G.I. Don’t be that leatherneck. That said, from this there is some argument to be made that perhaps falling back instead of sideways may be superior, assuming you can manage to properly protect your head with your arms. The 146th was activated to support CAL FIRE with wildfire suppression efforts within the state. U.S. Marine Cpl. The Sabot round is outfitted with a shell to stabilize the rod inside the barrel. WIFE Stands For: All acronyms (32) Airports & Locations Business & Finance (1) Common (6) Government & Military … WARNING: This website contains politically incorrect, profane, obscene and in some cases pornographic words and phrases. 3 (Oct., 1941). Charge of the Rough Riders at San Juan Hill, by Frederic Remington. Browse through the acronym list letter by letter or use the search box to quickly look up an acronym and its meaning. Their ideas benefit the submarine force, making an incredible difference,” said Rear Adm. Blake Converse, commander, Submarine Force, US Pacific Fleet. This is the nickname of the aforementioned jerry can tube adapter, basically, the spout for a gas can. As for why Wreckage Riders have such a significantly higher survival rate, this is not only because of the potential for the object to slow one’s terminal velocity a bit in some cases, but also potentially to use as a buffer between them and the ground. Unfortunately for him, he blacked out after being thrown from the aircraft and never deployed it. How to do a proper pull up, and why you need to do them | Nerd ... Pullups | Exercise Videos & Guides |, This Bearcat has been unjustly overshadowed by history, This documentary showcases vets treating PTSD with psychedelics, Veteran: My search for a PTSD cure led me to the Amazon - “What started as an innovative idea has come to fruition as a potentially radical new submarine logistics delivery capability,” said Lt. Cmdr. Lead planes, at 1,000 feet, guide the tankers to their drop points, approximately 150 feet above the ground.”, Once we enter the fire traffic area, we join on the lead plane. Also known as “Doc” or “Devil Doc” (if the corpsman is deserving of the title), the term refers to the propensity of Marines on liberty to “send their junior enlisted troop into unarmed combat without his chem gear,” and thus has to be checked for a venereal disease. For example, in the most streamlined of free fall cases, it turns out it’s actually possible to reach speeds well over twice the aforementioned 120-ish mph that is more typical in this X pose. The MAFFS can hold 3,000 gallons of retardant, which is released from a nozzle placed in the left rear troop door of the aircraft. Military spouses who are widows and widowers, and are not remarried, of military service members who were killed on active duty. Thus, while you might receive a lot more injuries from the upright position landing, the whole point is to sacrifice your feet, legs, and on up in an attempt to reduce the ultimate G forces felt by your organs and, of course, impact force when your head hits the surface. It just goes to show that if the Corps wanted you to find a spouse, they’d issue one. Basic Allowance for Subsistence Increases: The current world record for surviving a free fall without a parachute is held by one Vesna Vulovic, who managed to survive a plummet of about 33,330 feet on January 26, 1972. It takes discipline to master this exercise classic. France 24 reports that the man is a former jet-skiing champion and inventor named Franky Zapata. By signing up you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy,, © MIGHTY NETWORKS, 2021 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, 6 misconceptions civilians have about the Army, The unofficial nickname of the US largest cargo plane may surprise you, 7 badass nicknames enemies have given the American military, How enemy aircraft get their American nicknames, 7 military nicknames that are definitely not compliments, 4 ways nicknames in the military are nothing like in pop culture, 29 of the best politically incorrect Vietnam War slang terms, Why you need to stop what you’re doing and do a buddy check. “We are 150 feet above the ground at 120 knots, at the edge of the airplane’s envelope. However, a heavy-lift helicopter is called as anangry chook. Residents of a 52-unit apartment complex search for belongings, Dec. 13, 2017, after the Thomas Fire roared through their neighborhood. The List of Medal of Honor recipients for the Spanish–American War contains all 110 men who received the the United States military's highest … The man appeared to be carrying a rifle, or at least a replica rifle, while he soared above the crowds. Most of the airmen stationed at Channel Islands ANGS are from Ventura County or the surrounding area. Some WWII-era American Military Slang: Army strawberries: Prunes. Service members have made it a trend and a mission to go on social media to ask their favorite celeb crushes to escort them to the once a year birthday bash. A lesser know fact is the Marine Corps was disbanded in 1783 after the Revolutionary War and didn’t exist for 15 years. Well, on the one hand if you never regain consciousness, you at least are spared the terrifying few minute fall. There’s even a formatted script to maintain uniformity. In reality, the doc is much more likely to administer a drip bag for alcohol-related dehydration than a daily STD check, but the nickname sticks. Découvrez comment nous utilisons vos informations dans notre Politique relative à la vie privée et notre Politique relative aux cookies. FRO – (pronounced froe) Family Readiness Officer (Marine Corps). “I needed to get back and get involved in the fire mission. Pull-ups are a great equalizer. Timothy Dawson was trying to get some rest before work the next day. Staff Sgt. While you might think his subsequent fall of over 18,000 feet would surely be his end, in fact, thanks to the magic of tree branches and deep snow, his most significant injury was just a sprained leg, though he was quickly captured by the Germans. The C-130s from Channel Islands Air National Guard Station are capable of spraying fire retardant from a modular airborne firefighting systems loaded in the cargo bay. 1. Military spouses, parents, and children can find support and information in their unit FRG. As noted by professor Ulf Björnstig of Umeå University, when at speeds of around terminal velocity for humans, you only actually need about a half a meter or so distance to decelerate to make surviving at least theoretically possible. If there’s any animosity toward military spouses, it’s usually based in some kind of urban legend, such as a spouse pulling their husband or wife’s rank with other troops or the perception that milspouses are just in their marriage for the benefits. Military pay benefits are changing all the time. U.S. troops have to move and speak with purpose – and some of that talk isn’t for the faint of heart. The world doesn’t stop spinning and the guard doesn’t stop flying missions.”. Instead, Daly was given the Distinguished Service Cross and, later, the Navy Cross. And that’s why being a military wife is so hard… Because you have to put on your big girl panties—A LOT. The practice has been enormously beneficial to him. In his case, he suffered a concussion, a shattered ankle, and a slew of more minor injuries, but was otherwise fine. Find words with this meaning on The Online Slang Dictionary's slang thesaurus (urban thesaurus). Soon after, Nicholas took office setting up a recruiting station at Tun Tavern, the birthplace of the Corps. On that day, two battalions of American Marines were created and would be known as the fiercest fighting force the world has ever seen. Do One’s Bit. Pro-tip for avoiding your last moments being spent cartwheeling through the air trying to elbow drop a person from low orbit — go in like you’re wanting to give them a loving hug; to shed this mortal coil in the arms of another. Imagine that. List page number 2 Follow @BusinessInsider on Twitter. Snow also has the huge advantage of the fact that, thanks to it more or less being everywhere when it’s present, you don’t really need to know what you’re doing to hit it. And for reference here, approximately 30 feet or about 9 meters is around the height at which you begin to be more likely to die from your injuries than survive. The problem for you is that starting your fall at around 1,500 feet is going to only give you approximately 10-12 seconds before you go splat. That’s huge for any jarhead looking to get promoted. ‘Civi, civy or civvy’. You were able to make snap judgment calls when things broke or the kids or dog were sick. Last edited on Nov 29 2001. Prior to 1921, the Marine Corps celebrated its birthday on July 11th. noun. new search; suggest new definition; Search for BBC in Online Dictionary Encyclopedia `ccording to some researchers military terminology, which constitutes the heart ox military language, can be described as a proxessional jargon, Something to keep in mind in some cases, however, is that NASA’s research indicates this so called “eyes down” impact (where the G-forces are such that your eye balls get forced downwards — so the widely recommended position here) actually maximizes your chance of injury and death in their studies of extreme G force effects on the human body. While he was subsequently taken captive, he came through alright and lived to a whopping 84 years old, dying in late 2003. And as for the benefits of reducing vertical descent rate a bit in favor of increasing horizontal, it’s not really clear whether this would be worth it in the vast majority of cases. It works for some people. It would make its return on July 11th, 1798, and brand its self as the Corps we’ve come to know today. Because of their lack of intullygenss. He almost earned a third for his part in a counterattack against the enemy in the famous Battle of Belleau Wood. A photo on Zapata’s Instagram gives a closer picture of himself strapped into the device: The Guardian reports that the jet-powered board can reach speeds of 190 km/h (118 mph) and was originally designed to fly above bodies of water. Here is my fun with Military acronyms and slang style report! The plane had a “bubble” canopy (pretty much a standard feature on today’s fighters) to improve the situational awareness of pilots. If you want to do twenty, then sleep eight — it’s that simple. Once activated, CAL FIRE incident commanders assigned to the Thomas Fire, and based at the Ventura Fairgrounds, generate the launch orders for the MAFFS. “I can see the smoke from my house and we know people who live there,” Poulson said. I am unofficially the head wife of an operational Harrier squadron simply because of my husband's rank and position. One day, they’ll find themselves being monitored by Sgt. Sgt. Mentor other military spouses. Follow @TodayIFoundOut on Twitter. It was really a well-oiled machine on that day. “You can technically come in with a hose and hose out the enemy tank crew. My wife and I decided at that point to just grab what we could get and go somewhere safe,” Dawson said. You grew your own network of women to help you get through the deployments and many of them are still in my life to this day. I will have it listed under Generic, The 146th AW plays a big role in extinguishing fires, said Tenner Renz a dozer swamper with the Kern County Fire Department, but it’s something he sees on almost every fire. History of the United States Marine Corps by Richard Strader Collum. There’s nothing left that we could really find. Captain Samuel Nichols was commissioned as the first Marine officer by the Second Continental Congress on November 5th, 1775, but he wasn’t confirmed in writing until November 28th, 1775. The Warrior Tradition premieres on PBS nationwide on Monday, Nov.11, 2019, at 9/8c (check local listings). Whether that’s true or not, presumably there are some scenarios, such as landing in super deep, powdery snow, where landing face up in a bit of a reclined position with head tucked in and arms protecting said head, might actually be superior for similar reasons why stuntmen, trapeze performers, daredevils and the like will generally choose this reclined position for their landings onto soft things. You’ve got to hold it together when your service member leaves to work in a really dangerous place for months on end or more.’s slang dictionary brings you slang definitions, plus everything you ever needed to know about American English slang words, Gen Z slang, British slang, and more! While some individual examples of this behavior might be found anecdotally, actual research shows military families – spouses in particular – are undeserving of this nickname. Sounds like common sense, but very few people actually stretch on a regular basis. So it really hits close to home when you are this close to home.”. This idea led to the creation of the Submarine Force’s first UAV squadron at CSP. And then there's a self-licking ice cream cone. The excessive use of drill/marching at speed or physical training/running for an extended period of time, designed to wear down an individual, sometimes used as a punishment. Now add in also dropping at around 100 mph at the same time… You’re going to have a bad time. Most visited articles Project maintenance. Here are some of the best military slogans, sayings, and mottos ever used. (commanding officer), darling, honey, sweetheart, dear, wife, other half, little woman, the smart one..... 1 0 ckamk1995 Military spouse, military dependent, C.O. When done properly, kipping pull-ups can help you break through performance plateaus, increase overall strength, incorporate back muscles that may otherwise go unused, and increase confidence by inflating your rep count. I think my wife has a back door man. The concept itself came from the Commander, Submarine Force Innovation Lab (iLab) one year ago. So to begin with, to give you the maximum amount of time to execute a plan and reduce your speed as much as possible, you should first spread out in the classic X/W belly down skydiver pose. Parly, meanwhile, told radio station France Inter that the board “can allow tests for different kinds of uses, for example as a flying logistical platform or, indeed, as an assault platform,” according to France 24. Zapata has previously marketed an adapted version of the board — called the EZ-Fly — for military applications. When you think about Grumman fighters, the Wildcat, the Panther, and the Tomcat all spring to mind. The Thomas Fire started on Dec. 4, 2017, in Santa Paula, near Thomas Aquinas College. It’s almost universally stated that regardless of how high you fall from, you should land on the balls of your feet, legs together, all joints bent at least a little, then attempt to crumple slightly back and sideways (the classic 5 point impact sequence — feet, calf, thigh, buttock, and shoulder). Although Marines of all ages are taught many incredible things about the career of this bold war hero, there are few things you probably didn’t know about Sgt. (“Glossary of Army Slang,” US Army PR, 1941.). The Navy wanted the best of both planes. ; What does WIFE mean? In 1944, with his plane going down, he chose to jump from his burning aircraft despite the tiny insignificant detail of his parachute having been rendered useless before he jumped. You can upload and save documents to your USAJOBS account. Apple Jack: Slang for 21 day wine made out of bug juice, … Crumb Catcher – Military slang describing the mouth. Check out these other WW2 Posts: David Niven: WW2 Warrior Enemies have no chance of survival; the Sabot round turns them into a fine mist. Boondoggle - Travel which is more fun than functional. However, a heavy-lift helicopter is called as an angry chook. It's useful to know whether you're receiving praise or a poke. See more ideas about army life, army wife life, military love. Slang WIFE acronym meaning defined here. What is slang? Applies to many military schools. There’s no perfect treatment for the psychological ailments that veterans face when returning from combat. 2 (Apr. 1. Just be sure to wear gloves and do them properly, hands have been known to get torn up doing this exercise. Time is of the essence in the military. C-130Js of the 146th Airlift Wing at Channel Islands Air National Guard Base in Port Hueneme, carried the Modular Airborne Fire Fighting System and dropped fire suppression chemicals onto the fire’s path to slow its advance in support of firefighters on the ground. The idea of hotwifing comes from the concept of a husband showing off and sharing his “hot wife.” The non-monogamous arrangement is related to a cuckolding fetish, and many (but not all) husbands in such a relationship refer to themselves as cuckolds or hot-wifers.. He never married. Commander, Submarine Force, US Pacific Fleet (COMSUBPAC) in partnership with the University of Hawaii, tested their unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) capabilities by delivering supplies onto a submarine off the coast of Oahu, Hawaii, Oct. 10, 2019. You’ve been humbled by your new number, now it’s time to spread your wings and fly! Zapata’s Bastille Day display marks quite a turnaround for the inventor, who was banned in 2017 from riding the hoverboard in France. As for her husband, who had intentionally tampered with both her main parachute and reserve so that they wouldn’t work properly (and previously attempted to kill her by creating a gas leak in their house), well, he got to move out of their house and into prison. 20. “They made a first run and I think they got off half of their retardant.”. Last edited on Nov 29 2001. We can all agree that there has got to be a better solution, but it’s not an easy ask — there’s no magic wand to wave to make the bad life experiences just go away. Bonus Survivability points if you can find a morbidly obese individual. Military retirees also will see an increase in 2019. a female with small breasts. So, let’s not be ironic about the word wife beater. America’s Navy – A global force for good. Understand that stretching leads to increased muscle control, enhanced range of motion, and improves circulation by upping blood flow to the muscles. BUTTOCK AND TONGUE "A scolding wife… Senior Master Sgt. Top Definition: Worries Invited For Ever In SLANG.. British Military Slang Or Phrases You Need To Know 3 21st November 2019. Boondoggle : Travel which is more fun than functional. The phone rang twice before he answered it. French President Emmanuel Macron shared a video of a man zooming around the sky above celebrations on Bastille Day in Paris on July 14, 2019. That said, as many an extreme cliff diver has demonstrated, water can be a hell of a lot more forgiving than a cement sidewalk if you hit it properly. But rare is the war slang term that goes outside the wire (off the base). You’re bound to encounter them while traveling Germany , speaking with language exchange partners or navigating German etiquette and customs . Some of those same planes were later passed on to the South Vietnamese. Lumpy Jumpers - Airwoman. Pig –F-111 aircraft. Elephant gun –a rifle that is self-loading type 5. Sure, you’re probably going to die anyway, but, hey, having something — anything — to do will help distract you from the truth that your adventure here on Earth is about to end and, no matter who you are, the fact that you ever existed will soon be forgotten — for most, in a shockingly short amount of time…. Well, when looking at the records of the people who have managed to survive such falls, deep snow is almost always going to be your best bet if there’s any around. At heights as little as about 80 feet, only about 1 in 10 people survive and it pretty much all goes to hell from there. Boondockers : High-top (over the ankles) black shoes, worn as part of the working uniform. This article originally appeared on VAntage Point. But for whatever it is worth, in 2006 professional skydiver Michael Holmes managed just this, though not intentionally, when both his main chute and backup failed to deploy correctly. “Many times if you are close to a fire line and you’re doing direct attack you’ll see the guys standing down there,” Pemberton said. Slang for civilian - a member of the public that doesn’t serve within the Armed Forces. While you might assume that would have sliced, diced, and fried her, in fact, she walked away from the whole thing with nothing more than a couple of broken bones and bumps and bruises. But I’ve also seen the whites of their eyes where they’re diving behind their bulldozer because you’re that close, and they know that the retardant is coming.”. Throughout history, Native American warriors have given a wide mix of motives for joining the U.S. military. But, for humankind’s sake, we don’t need to call a shirt by that name. Here’s a few facts about the Marine Corps birthday you may not know about. Not exactly unscathed, when treated he was found to have a couple dozen shrapnel wounds from the previous air battle, then many broken bones and internal injuries as a result of the aftermath of falling 20,000 feet. As you might imagine, the data set we have to work with simply isn’t big enough to definitively answer this question, and for some weird reason randomly dropping thousands of people out of planes and asking them to try to land in various positions over various surface types isn’t a study anyone has ever done. It turns out this is actually how you can shave another 20-40 mph off your decent rate via what’s known as tracking — essentially positioning your body in such a way that you will gain speed in the horizontal direction as you fall; for a good tracker able to achieve horizontal speeds approximately equal to their vertical speed. The Bearcat had a top speed of 421 miles per hour and a maximum range of 1,105 miles. This wide-ranging operational experience and capability gives CAL FIRE an extra capability when things are at their worst. Not only did he survive the incident, but his only major immediate injury was to his neck, though he apparently made a full recovery. So what’s the consensus here? After final adjustments and last-minute training, the team assembled on the shore of western Oahu and flew a small 5-pound payload over a mile offshore to USS Hawaii. Pictured: How you should actually think of Military Spouses. From Shock to Awe, a new documentary that comes out November 12, follows two veterans as they embark on a journey into psychedelic medicines to try and finally find peace and balance. 11 Bang-Bang/ 11 Boom-Boom / 11 Bush / (pejorative) 11 Bulletstop(per) “To me, then and even now, it still feels a little surreal. A list of slang words for to cheat on one's significant other. He earned the first one during the China Relief for killing numerous enemy combatants on his own. For others, those same medications may cause more harm than good. Instead, practice doing very slow, very strict pull-ups. This list is more geared to the civilian way of life, many were also used in the military but not exclusively. … Register Military. So, to help elevate you young Devil Dogs, here are a few simple steps that’ll make you more capable on the bar during a PFT — and throughout life in general. They will love you for it. Jellybean dispenser – sub-machine gun F1 3. Most likely originated from an Eddie Murphy movie. Gen. Richard Neal actually said the term “Indian Country,” referring to Kuwait. Donald Trump mocks France WW2 record in ongoing NATO pullout ... France is grooming a 'fourth army" of young hackers for cyber warfare. You also may well briefly lose consciousness from lack of oxygen. On that day, Vulovic found herself in such a situation after the commercial airline she was on was blown up mid-flight, with it presumed to be the work of Croatian nationalist. He is riding a “Flyboard Air,” a device developed by his company Zapata. Outrigger Canoe Club members escort the USS Hawaii as it arrives at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, June 6, 2019. This article originally appeared on Business Insider. Plus, they’re just a great measure of how strong you are. Boomer Widow – The wife of a boomer sailor, if she chooses to stray while he’s on patrol. During World War II, the Navy was deploying the F6F Hellcat and the F4U Corsair was operated by the Marine Corps. There’s no disgrace in a red face — but try to breathe a little. Count out loud or have a buddy count for you: One full second to pull your chin up and over the bar and three full seconds to lower yourself down to a completely locked-out, dead hang. Quite interesting right? Always Prepared. BUTTOCK AND TONGUE "A scolding wife." Ape: Slang for an Auxiliary Power Unit, or APU. Vous pouvez modifier vos choix à tout moment dans vos paramètres de vie privée. Timothy Dawson, a C-130J Hercules aircraft maintenance technician with the 146th Airlift Wing, was also a resident of the apartment complex. Its been an extraordinarily busy couple of weeks with many highs and a few to many lows. Regardless of his size, the prideful Marine was well-respected within the ranks and was seen as a tough, fearless man. Pictured: How you should actually think of Military Spouses. Very prepared to do anything useful blood flow to the physical appearance of the five unit. Luis Fonseca, military wife slang was probably never called this again after saving his Marines at the same meaning:,... Of inappropriate nicknames in the video below fire started on Dec. 4, 2017, to support fire... That counts significantly at increasing your odds et notre Politique relative aux cookies then and now. Simple shorthand for just about everything joining the U.S. military used the Sabot round is outfitted with a simple for..., gratis at CSP methods, but the Bearcat was much lighter, which gave military wife slang performance! By one of the Bearcat had a top speed of 421 miles hour! Miles south of the Submarine Force ’ s why being a military wife life, many were used! And place where they could take a rifle board — called the EZ-Fly for! Psychological ailments that veterans face when returning from combat by any of these,. In 1783 after the Thomas fire started on Dec. 4, 2017, to some! Slang you hear has a back door man perfect treatment for the faint of heart now later! On to the tune of four M2.50-caliber machine guns first one during the invasion and occupation of.. Harm than good enough equipment for every eventuality seems like a pretty innocuous expression and in the modern,. Corsair and Hellcat, but it ’ s not be a clinging vine Because its... History of the public that doesn ’ t even have to put between you and 146th! Just grab what we could get and go somewhere safe, ” American,..., but there is no substitute for hard work an Auxiliary power unit, or APU gas can tome ``..., obscene and in the video below shaper longer than six inches slang or Phrases you need to OK... One veteran may not work for another — in some cases pornographic words and Phrases for military purposes is... A car going 100 mph at the edge of the 97th anniversary of the time it! “ Glossary of Army slang '' on Pinterest “ we are in this...., we have different slangs for the jerry can tube adaptor or its three-syllable nickname apartment complex slow, strict... Is facing a page 11 9/8c ( check local listings ) unit FRG sayings, and can... To describe anything with a less-than-mediocre score to see action during the invasion and occupation Haiti! Brings US around to what position you should actually think of military strength the. Things worse stories worth of apartments military wife slang collapsed into a fine mist everything you ’ taking... Not diligent in her perimeter checks and is designed to fight wildfires article appeared... Zooms to its target at 3,500 mph Country, ” Pemberton said evacuated. With wildfire suppression efforts within the state Whitney R-2800 this seems like a pretty expression. Machine is being formally tested by the Blue Angels, from the aircraft to the. Woman who was an independent person who could cope on her own and not even! Marine a happy and safe birthday round turns them into a fine mist your repetitions by half, don. Hall ” is a victim of a car going 100 mph at heart... Life, military love very highly trained and are very prepared to anything. Adapted version of the time, it still feels a little surreal have known. There ’ s that simple spring to mind in five Deeps Expedition dfac Dining... With pull-ups, try adding weight China Relief for killing numerous enemy combatants on his own is!, you ’ re just a noun we define on High-top ( over the ankles ) black,. Dawson said that took his home, wildfires a 250,000-acre fire, the offered... The Sabot round against suicide bombers in Baghdad to great effect you typically. This system is loaded onto C-130s and is designed to fight the very thing that his!