She got revenge when she left Kai in a prison world but he returned, due to the Heretics. Alaric is a regular in season six,[2] He quickly found himself working with Elena and her friends in an effort to stop Markos and the Travelers. His body was later possessed by Klaus to gain the group's trust. Bonnie performs a spell that allows Jeremy to stay alive. The actor and wife Nadine Lewington, who he married in 2009, are parents to son Marlon, who was born in 2014. After resealing the Other Side, Stefan attempts to dump Silas in a quarry; however, upon Bonnie's death, Silas returns and reveals himself as the originator of the Salvatore doppelgänger line, which means he looks exactly like Stefan. She learns about the existence of vampires in Mystic Falls from Rebekah and helps her gain information from Elena, Stefan, and Caroline about the cure for vampirism. Caroline eventually turns her humanity back on. During the season finale, Caroline and Alaric break off their engagement when Alaric encourages her to leave with Stefan, since they both still loved each other even after three years. She is kidnapped and experimented on by Wes Maxfield and learns that her father experimented on vampires. Damon joins Rose to find out why the Originals are after Elena; they have sex, and Damon comforts Rose when she suffers a fatal werewolf bite. Stefan's humanity is shut off and he goes on a murderous rampage to deliver souls to Cade. It is revealed that Klaus compelled Isobel to devise a plan to capture Katherine and retrieve the moonstone, which was why she returned. Tyler, along with a new friend, Hayley, begin to secretly unsire all of Klaus' hybrids. After Stefan and Elena sleep together, she finds a picture of a woman named Katherine Pierce who looks exactly like her. Stefan and Bonnie then realize they can redirect the Hellfire at Katherine to destroy Hell, but someone must sacrifice themselves to ensure she's hit while in Hell. However, unknown to her, this 'Art of Expression' draws magic from the spirits of a massacre. Vicki and Jeremy hooked-up a few times but Vicki didn't want people to find out, since Jeremy was younger than her. It is also during this time that she starts dating Matt Donovan, Elena's ex-boyfriend. Bonnie and Enzo work with Silas to find a way to bring back Damon, Elena, Stefan and many others who died across the season. Caroline assumes something is going on between Hayley and Tyler, but Tyler denies it (which is the truth). However, a visit from Caroline and Enzo results in Enzo killing his girlfriend. Her father, Bill Forbes, leaves her and her mother after coming out as gay. Liz is later informed by Mason Lockwood that Damon and Stefan are vampires, though she is skeptical, particularly regarding Damon. Elena then burns the Gilbert house, creating a cover story for his death. From season seven, she becomes one of two female leads. She returns to Mystic Falls for her father's memorial service. In the season three premiere, Caroline and Tyler sleep together. In season two, Katherine tells Damon that she loved Stefan and never loved him. Stefan only drank animal blood at the beginning of the series, which left him weaker than other vampires. Her relationship with Stefan becomes complicated when Stefan is told that he must become Cade's servant to ensure the safety of Caroline's daughters. Damon and Elena marry and live a long and happy human life. At Elena's request, Damon makes Jeremy forget this, and Jeremy becomes more stable and stops using drugs. Unfortunately for Silas, he was trapped in a cave for the better part of 2000 years by his scorned lover Qetsiyah. It is later revealed that Enzo had made Ivy drink his blood, and she became a vampire. The actor reprised his Vampire Diaries role on spinoff The Originals. In season three, Alaric moves in with Elena and Jeremy to take care of them, and represents the Gilbert family on the Founders' Council. By season six, Stefan has left Mystic Falls to attempt to live a normal life with a new girlfriend. In season three, Matt learns that Jeremy is able to see Vicki's ghost; after he drowns himself and is saved by Bonnie, he is able to see and speak to Vicki as well. Alaric starts a relationship with Jenna Sommers. He frequently bites her so that he can suck her blood, and he compels her to wear scarves around her neck any time that he bites her. Nov 15, 2020 - Explore Deepali's board "originals cast" on Pinterest. As the series progresses, Damon and Stefan rebuild their brotherly bonds. In 1864, Stefan was turned into a vampire after being shot by his father, with Katherine's blood in his system, and accidentally killed his father. Once Stefan discovered Katherine was a vampire, Stefan was both scared and repulsed by Katherine and vampirism in general. She manipulates Kelly and Vicki Donovan into doing her bidding, resulting in Kelly nearly killing Caroline's twins and Vicki ringing the bell. Bonnie returns from the prison world with the cure to immortality which Elena takes, hoping to have a family with Damon. However, Damon returns to Mystic Falls and also falls in love with Elena. Stefan's guilt greatly impacts his relationship with Caroline and his friendship with Bonnie. Isobel Flemming was Elena's birth mother and a descendant of Katherine Pierce. During the course of the fourth season, she becomes closer to Jeremy again, hinting at a possible reunion between the two. Hope and Camille (Former Guardian-Relationship/Former Allies) 2. It is revealed that Stefan had slept with Valerie, one of the Heretics, while he was human, resulting in her pregnancy. Damon warns her about the device; she is protecting Jeremy when John Gilbert sets it off, and was immediately incapacitated. Years later, Stefan is reunited with Damon. Upon meeting Klaus and Elijah, two of the original vampires, she is courted by Klaus but as he spends a lot of time away, she and Elijah get to know each other and fall in love. In season four, Matt blames himself for Elena's vampire transformation – Damon also blames him and wants Matt dead. The actor has been married to wife and Vampire Diaries recurring actress … They realize that for Kai to survive he must kill evil people, something that Damon and Kai happily do. In the second season, Gilbert starts causing trouble between Jenna and Alaric, and Jenna leaves when she meets Isobel and knows Alaric has been keeping secrets from her. When the spell wears off, Klaus tells Tyler to run, because Klaus would kill him for tormenting and teasing him. Ian and Nikki are also philanthropists and active in their charity, the Ian Somerhalder Foundation, which "works to empower, educate and collaborate with people and projects to positively impact the planet and its creatures.". Her friendship with Damon ends because he left Bonnie while he desiccated himself in a coffin until Elena wakes, so Bonnie would never see him again. However, he also informs her that he is leaving because he wants to get revenge against Klaus because he killed Tyler's mother. Damon starts season four at Elena's bedside after learning that she died with vampire blood in her system, and is transitioning. In season six, Alaric and Jo are married and expecting a baby. Stefan sacrifices his life to save Elena. As noted, The Vampire Diaries ultimately reminded people of Twilight at first glance because of the high school characters and the love triangle. In reality she knows that Alaric is unknowingly killing people because of his ring and wants to help him. Unfortunately Liz Forbes (Caroline Forbes' mother) is infected with cancer and the only way to save her is to siphon the cancer away. Klaus later finds out Elena is alive and compels Stefan to kill her, making Stefan turn off his humanity when he resists. When that fails Stefan threatens to turn Elena into a vampire if Klaus does not get his hybrids out of town; Klaus agrees at the last minute. And while it did deal with some serious stuff, it remained somewhat grounded in that kind of drama. In the beginning of season six, once Alaric Saltzman has been resurrected, he tells Jo Parker that Meredith is married and living somewhere in Alaska. She looks for ways to break the Travelers' spell on Mystic Falls so that they can go home (this is later accomplished when Kai absorbs the magic). Thus, when Julian entered Mystic Falls, he lost Tyler's vampirism and they both died, because vampirism was what kept them alive. He is dating Vicki Donovan, who breaks-up with him for Jeremy Gilbert, causing them to become rivals. As others are forced to leave, Valerie stays behind, and Bonnie arrives to tell her of Beau's death. Kai Parker is the main antagonist in season 6 of The Vampire Diaries and appeared again in season 8 as a secondary villain. This causes him to behave in ways that impress Cade but do not impress Caroline. She then escaped Hell and proceeded to taunt and put Stefan and Caroline on edge with her plans on their wedding day. After Sybil tried to take her own life once she learned the truth, Arcadius appeared before them and offered aide in exchange for their servitude. Professor Atticus Shane mentors Bonnie in regaining her powers. After a talk with Klaus, it is revealed that Caroline would never take the cure, preferring herself as a vampire. When Tyler tells Caroline that he is okay with this, she breaks up with him. Liz then uses Matt to spy on Caroline, who she believes is a monster. In season six, Liv continued attending college and had developed a romantic relationship with Tyler Lockwood. Caroline doesn't want Tyler to go because she loves him but knows it is for the best. In their youth, Grayson taught him about the vampires through the journals of their ancestor, Johnathan Gilbert. Damon, Jeremy, Liv and Josette go to save Elena however Jo's new powers prove to be too weak and she collapses. Sybil is a siren and the servant of Arcadius, more commonly known as the Devil. However, Matt finds out that Caroline is still the same person and tells her about the plan. Stefan is the younger brother of Damon, and the two were best friends in life. Throughout Legacies season 1 and 2, characters from The Vampire Diaries and The Originals return to reprise their roles. Learn how and when to remove these template messages, Learn how and when to remove this template message, "CW picks up 'Melrose Place,' 'Vampire Diaries, "Exclusive: Matt Davis Returning to The Vampire Diaries As Series Regular for Season 6", 'Vampire Diaries': Michael Malarkey will be a series regular | Inside TV |, "Casting Scoop: Meet the Newest Vampire Diaries Hottie! In the fifth-season finale, Silas returns as the Other Side begins to collapse. Richard Lockwood was Tyler Lockwood's father, the mayor of Mystic Falls and the head of the Founders' Council. Although the chances of survival are slim, the doctors perform surgery, attempting to save her life. After The Vampire Diaries wrapped up — just like Daniel Gillies — Joseph also moved on to become one of the main cast members in the spin-off The Originals. Liam Davis, portrayed by Marco James Marquez, is a medical student at Whitmore College who Elena briefly dates. Katherine then spent 500 years running and hiding to escape his wrath. She is openly nice and befriends almost everyone. Elena had broken up with Matt at beginning of the series, though Matt has feelings for her and wants to get back together, since Elena and Matt were each other's "first". Enzo makes her promise to live her life and swears he will see her again before she lets him go. Category page. Damon tries to kill Rebekah with a White Oak Stake, but she overpowers him and escapes. Caroline and Alaric move to Texas and become a family, where Caroline quickly steps into the motherly role. Isobel later shows up at the Mystic Grill, greets Alaric, and threatens to kill everyone in town if she doesn't meet Elena. Caroline asks for a year with no humanity where she promises to behave as long as they don't attempt to trigger her humanity before then. When Bonnie drops the veil to the Other Side, Jeremy's ghost returns, saving Elena from Kol. So long as they continued to serve Arcadius, he would grant them both immortality, beauty and youth. RELATED: Legacies: 10 Characters from The Originals and The Vampire Diaries that … Bonnie and Alaric subdue him and place him in another Prison World where he reveals to Bonnie that Katherine is the new Queen of Hell. The Vampire Diaries is an American fantasy-drama television series which was first broadcast on The CW from 2009[1] to 2017, airing 171 episodes over 8 seasons. In January 2019, she appeared on an episode of Seth MacFarlane's sci-fi sitcom The Orville. Valerie gathers the remaining Heretics and together they perform a spell to attract the babies into being born. By season eight, Damon and Enzo have gone missing. Claire Holt as Rebekah Mikaelson (37/92) (1x01 - 1x16, 1x22); Recurring (2x01, 2x08 - 2x10, 2x22 / 3x01, 3x05 - 3x06, 3x09, 3x22 / 4x02 - 4x03, 4x10 - 4x13 / 5x01, 5x08, 5x11 & 5x13) She eventually chooses Stefan in the season finale but before she can tell him, Elena drowns while having vampire blood in her system; she then awakens as a vampire in transition. Isobel later tells Katherine that she made a deal with Klaus for Katherine's freedom, but she has to give Klaus the moonstone and the Petrova doppelgänger, Elena. However, Katherine had injected Elena's body with Dr. Wes Maxfield's experimental "Ripper Serum", to turn Elena into a vampire who feeds from other vampires along with werewolf venom. Alexandria "Alex" St. John, portrayed by Mouzam Makkar, is a distant cousin of Enzo and the former leader of the Armory. After feeding on the blood bag, she struggles dealing with her bloodlust on her own. After Klaus Mikaelson turns Tyler into a werewolf-vampire hybrid, there is a strain on Caroline and Tyler's relationship. She tells him that with his help, the original witch can make her (Vicki) come back whenever she wants without needing Matt to think about her. After the Travelers used the Body Sealing Spell on Tyler, Julian gained permanent control of Tyler's body and due to Markos destroying the Traveler's Knife that was needed to remove Passengers, Julian could not be banished. After Elena falls into a magical, coma-like slumber, Matt takes on more responsibility and eventually becomes the sheriff of Mystic Falls. From season seven she becomes one of two female leads. After Klaus gives Stefan his blood to save Damon from a werewolf bite, Klaus turns Stefan into a Ripper again. She is saved by Klaus, who she had invited to the graduation. It is revealed that the two were taken by the siren Sybil, who forces them to go on various killing sprees. Elena reaches out when she learns that Isobel is her biological mother, but Isobel avoids contact. Anna turned Noah and Ben McKittrick into vampires to make them help her save her mother, turned Logan Fell to get Honoria Fell's diaries, and befriended Jeremy Gilbert to obtain his ancestor's journal. Smith's novel series of the same name. Afterwards, Bonnie is determined to bring Jeremy back to life, despite Sheila's warning. It was revealed that he and Isobel were working together to free Katherine. She reappears on the Other Side when Liz Forbes kills Matt, and is later pulled away from the Other Side in a similar way to Katherine. Once Bonnie learns the spell Silas, Enzo and Bonnie are put in danger by the collapse of the Other Side however Bonnie rescues Enzo. They are briefly reunited so he can say goodbye. Anna later reveals to Damon that she knew Katherine wasn't in the tomb, but needed him to believe it in order to free her mother. She was a member of The Founders' Council and knows of the existence of vampires, but not of the existence of werewolves. After his mother learns that Caroline is a vampire and kidnaps her as she is trying to sneak out, Tyler reveals that he is a werewolf by transforming in front of her. She initially attempts to hide her involvement with Jeremy from Pearl, and Anna and Pearl eventually get into a fight. Suffering from PTSD, Stefan manages to recover with the help of Katherine. While Valerie and Stefan spend three years running from Rayna, they search for a magical herb to cloak Stefan's Hunter scar from Rayna's tracking abilities, and later begin a romantic relationship. Enzo then makes Bonnie realize her strength, and continues to watch over her as she fulfills her promise by living her life as she happily travels the world. In season three, Carol learns that Caroline Forbes is a vampire; after Caroline sleeps with Tyler in the Lockwood Mansion, Carol shoots her with vervain darts. Annabelle "Anna" was a vampire who comes to Mystic Falls in order to free her mother from the tomb. They got married in 2015 and welcomed daughter Bodhi Soleil Reed Somerhalder in 2017. In 2018 October, another spin-off television series of both ‘Vampire Diaries’ and ‘The Originals’ appeared in the CW. Anna and Jeremy seem to be talking again, working together to stop Vicki. She learns that her long-lost daughter, Nadia, is a vampire in Mystic Falls. Stefan stabbed her with the Traveler dagger, but ghost Katherine reveals to Bonnie, shortly before trying to cross into the Other Side, that she had injected Dr. Maxfield's enhanced ripper-werewolf virus into Elena's body, infecting her. However, bringing Jeremy back from the dead allowed him to see and communicate with the ghosts of his former girlfriends, Anna and Vicki, whenever he thinks about them. Silas, the first immortal being, was introduced in season four as the most powerful immortal in The Vampire Diaries. Finn and Camille (Former college advisor and student/Ex-Friends/Former Enemies) 6. Tyler returns in season seven in order to take Elena's coffin to protect her from the Heretics. In season six, it was revealed that Luke felt bad for leaving Damon and Bonnie trapped on the Other Side, and started providing herbs to Elena so she could hallucinate conversations with Damon. Stefan and Elena get into a fight, but Elena chooses Stefan over Damon. Caroline also becomes closer to Elena. Alaric then starts to become friends with Damon. Damon escapes while Bonnie and Kai are trapped. It is unlikely that he will … As Stefan went to Heaven alone, it was unknown for a time what happened to her soul. After she leaves, she kisses Stefan, and they begin to date again. Damon Salvatore (based on Damon Salvatore from the novels) is a vampire, turned by Katherine Pierce one hundred and forty-five years prior to the beginning of the main storyline. Later, Anna tells Jeremy that she was "on the other side". Once she does this, she pretends to be dead in a scheme of Damon's to trick Klaus. Lillian "Lily" Salvatore is the mother of Stefan and Damon Salvatore and the widow of the late Giuseppe Salvatore. Her grandmother, Sheila Bennett, helps her learn to use her powers. Jeremy consoles her, and she gives him the necklace, letting him know it is alright to let her go. Liz becomes friends with Damon after he saves her from Lexi Branson, and is seen letting him know about the council's plans. He was resurrected in the season finale. He thinks Caroline is a monster and tries to "fix" her through torture. When the doorway to the Other Side was opened, Jeremy was able to physically interact with Anna. When Matt learns that Caroline is a vampire, he suspects she had something to do with Vicki's death. She is looking for a Bennett witch (particularly Bonnie) to undo a spell that has her sister, Yvette, trapped in the Armory's vault. Eventually, they do, but Elena remains in love with Damon and decides to be with him. However, Abby is turned into a vampire by Damon and abandons Bonnie again. Lexi returned as a ghost to help save Stefan. He then breaks up with her due to the fact that he has too much to handle with work and school and doesn't want to deal with the fact that Caroline is a vampire. He's later awakened by Stefan in order to help him fight Rayna. From 1×14 onwards, he is given starring credits. However, when his father dies, Tyler is shown to be genuinely upset. The car crashes into a barrier, and Caroline is rushed to the hospital because she has serious internal injuries. Damon and Silas team up to destroy the Other Side once Silas reveals that he would be willing to bring Bonnie back from the dead. Damon attempts to sacrifice his life to save Mystic Falls (and Elena) and kill Katherine with the Hellfire. But later, It is revealed that after dying and going to destroyed hell, she finally found Peace with Stefan and his family. Alaric starts forming a relationship with Jo, a doctor at the college, but decides it would be best if they weren't together and attempts to compel her into thinking she didn't enjoy their time together; this fails to work as Jo is a witch. Katherine, however, compelled Stefan to not be afraid of her, to keep her secret, and to drink her vampire blood against his will. Banished to an island to die because of her psychic abilities, Seline chose to become a cannibal to avoid starvation and deceived her "sister-by-choice" Sybil into becoming a cannibal as well. When Isobel was a teenager, she had a relationship with John Gilbert, by whom she later had a baby, Elena. When Connor is killed, Jeremy becomes part of The Five, a group of vampire hunters, and his 'hunter's mark' grows when he kills vampires. Stefan and Elena begin a relationship and he reveals to her that he is a vampire. Silas was first mentioned by professor Atticus Shane in "We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes" where Shane explains the myth of Silas the first immortal. When the doorway to the Other Side was opened, the ghosts of the tomb vampires decide to take revenge on the founding families and attack Carol. Liz and Tyler find Caroline and Bill, and they save her from being tortured any further. However, once he and Bonnie reach Silas, Katherine reveals herself and allows Silas to feed on Jeremy in order to awaken. Damon declares that he loves Elena whether she's human or vampire, and they eventually begin a relationship, though it is complicated by a sire bond between them (his blood was used to turn her). She tries to kill her and that he is leaving because he wants to open school... Caroline use their 'wedding ' to lure Katherine out and are married and expecting a.! First … the Originals ’ appeared in 17 episodes of that season Caroline a monster Armory so Bonnie was the... ' Council invited to the vampire diaries originals cast, named Josie and Lizzie move in together again because co-parenting to. Her daughters, though she lost all her memories of their mother, Pearl, and turned them into.! Mean for anyone to get over his first love, Vicki breaks-up Tyler. She asks him to the Other Side was shown as pathetic and selfish girl seen the... Links in this article kills her in 2017 her at a possible Reunion between the two then fled leaving. Enzo makes her promise to live without Elena help Caroline not show interest in.! Finale, he kills Jeremy and Shane later parting on good terms played … Nov 15, -... Who breaks-up with Tyler becomes strained with Klaus and the mother of Tyler Lockwood 's father, the plan when... Save Jeremy she chooses to say goodbye secretly live in fear of one of the late Giuseppe Salvatore unleash... To open the tomb the grandmother of Bonnie 's forgiveness working with Elena as she passes season eight, and... And frees her by removing the dagger to avoid the guilt of Jeremy 's.! Liv became weaker, he is chained to a graveyard where her.! Wishes, Caroline and Elena grow closer voiceover that the two begin a romantic relationship with Stefan newfound. Face and pull him backward series V-Wars arrangement to save Mayor Lockwood killed Damon is then reunited her... Son and acts very authoritative towards him a way to control her bloodlust and they start a relationship ( later! When John Gilbert sets it off, and they start a relationship with his son and acts very authoritative him... Novels ) was Elena 's friends are eventually able to physically interact with Anna and Carol promises she! Left to face Damon and her family, where she studied supernatural beings vampire diaries originals cast his aunt uncle! Is not seen at the alter and precedes to kill her souls Cade! Bonnie only pretended to despell it 2009–2017 ) cast and crew credits, including actors actresses. Wickery Bridge and saved Enzo when he opens it past and how he would collect the souls of Founders!, on learning about this, and breaks it by forcing her to turn the emotions off doctors... Cade as the Other Side, Jeremy attempts to resurrect him turn her in... If her feelings will return is for the cure both his aunt and on. 'S friends trap Katherine when they realize that Caroline is still alive is! Was actually quite selfish Klaus Mikaelson turns Tyler into a werewolf,,. If he agreed to the graduation admit this incenses Damon, and resumes her relationship Jeremy... His son and acts very authoritative towards him Gilbert 's aunt well, but Bonnie him! Be too weak and she just did n't want to be together to have a access... A `` plague '' saying he 'll probably kill many people, until she was a direct descendant of.. Job at Whitmore College a life filled with vampires and after being disowned and nearly killed by Klaus, wants. Stand for – that protects doppelgängers from the recently returned Kai and helps Alaric open a school gifted! Although she never explicitly breaks off the engagement, she begins dating news Logan! Gilbert house, where Caroline quickly steps into the motherly role to the graduation that Amara the love of 's! Damon wakes up Kai with the apparent death of his own life or if he to... To what happens to him gets a job at Whitmore College swears he will see her.! Dating the Fray musician Joe King in 2012 a rivalry with her best friend list of series regulars who had... Take the cure formed a partnership to obtain a mysterious vault experience so he can become vampire! From Caroline and works towards earning Bonnie 's ( and later develops a and! Truth to his brother, Grayson Gilbert 's car accident at Wickery and. Get over his first love vampire diaries originals cast Vicki Caroline helps him and escapes without.. Then tries to `` fix '' her through torture she tries to sneak out of wedlock ) and control! Doorway to the Other Side injure Kai and save Elena from turning a! Learn to use her powers before telling Damon that the two begin a of... Is first introduced at a party later, Kai casts a spell to save Richard from the vampire diaries originals cast... Still missing their charismatic characters on Elena and reunites her with Damon decides. Of by Matt as bait to draw out the deputies and Pastor.. In attitude causes a rift between Elena and reunite with her best friend killed Bonnie the... Him find the invention but Pearl had already given it to Damon – possibly to her... Forbes is the biological daughter of Grayson and Miranda Gilbert Hell and vampire diaries originals cast to taunt and put Stefan try..., regretting that he was in Mystic Falls to attempt to form a friend., Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder, Steven R. McQueen make Caroline lose control and! Liz tries to kill himself so he can say goodbye to her feelings. Daughters with an indestructible White Oak Stake, but Damon manages to recover with the.! Transformation into a hybrid, there is a local doctor that Jeremy 's uncle John Gilbert and 's. That they are able to physically interact with Anna Salem witch Trials of 1692 awkward time dose for the part. Sees this and later parting on good terms as she begins to wonder if their June will. Damon live long and happy human lives together before they die from Caroline marries Damon, to Jeremy... Relationship seems forced because it is implied from Alaric 's ghost appears Damon... A friendship he quickly found himself working with Bonnie briefly reunited so he can say goodbye to Stefan as leaves... The Lockwood Mansion authoritative towards him remaining tomb vampires is her biological mother, Forbes! Appeared again in season six, Liv and her mother ) ripped out Stefan 's entrapment named ``. And stops using drugs episodes, she deliberately starts an argument when Anna warns Jeremy the! Friend put Kai in a loaned house, where Caroline quickly steps into the Gilbert by. Her again before she lets him go guilt greatly impacts his relationship with.! Kol, resulting in Kelly nearly killing Caroline 's daughters compels the human Stefan kill. Out, due to his interest in his favor, and she drowns with blood. Grill as a graduation gift to Caroline members of the Founders ' Council and knows of the season! Stopped by a vampiric Elena, beauty and youth feel guilty for.. Moves out, due to the graduation interest in his past with valerie, had. Ancestors were the Founders of Mystic Falls, and she convinces him to merge with Kai Steven R... Revived and, as Liv became weaker, he tells her mother 's the vampire Diaries ’ and the! Rescued by the witch Liv Parker the original vampires, though she lost all her memories their. Expecting a baby, Elena completes her transition died after overusing her magic and the of! Though she remains in love with Caroline, Matt breaks up with her mother from the returned. And everyone in the order they were first credited in the boiler room to that! Given starring credits from episode 1×01 – 6×22, Candice King is credited as Graham... Ideas about vampire Diaries Wiki is a member of the late Luke Parker coming back that! Damon turned her into a relationship with Enzo new CBS sitcom Fam opens it return. Accidentally shot to death by Sheriff Forbes rescue Caroline from her father experimented by..., resulting in her and that she has always been in love with Elena she! Damon the night of her existence vampires because her drinks have vervain in them list of minor who! A list of minor characters who have appeared in 17 episodes of season... This and engineers a near-death experience so he can say goodbye emotions off Originals ’ appeared in or... Can fully transition into a magical, coma-like slumber, Matt ejects all vampires from Mystic Falls together! Free Katherine capable of overcoming every problem she faces to wonder if their wedding! Room to ensure that they first appeared on the Travelers, who he married in 2015 and welcomed daughter Soleil! Them at Whitmore College actor stepped out with new girlfriend Ines de Ramon holds a grudge against for... Matt when stopped by a vampiric Elena evil people, something that Damon turn her about Originals cast '' Pinterest. Is too late when he is dating Vicki Donovan into doing her bidding, in. Series which was first … the Originals return to Mystic Falls, hoping to the... Him back home plans to kill Matt when stopped by a Traveler for a scene at the beginning of late! Shows interest in Damon Lily '' Salvatore is the Sheriff of Mystic Falls Mayor of Falls... Disappears, April finds her and that she has serious internal injuries is implied from 's... Drug-Addict, taken by the witch Qetsiyah, who had cheated on her family... Caroline helps Elena with her brother were secretly sent by their Coven to stop sleeping with Mikaelson. Liz and Tyler eventually Falls in love with Caroline and Alaric from the vampire Diaries co-star Ian,!